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Dear Fellow Entrepreneur,

You are among the first ones to get a peek at the fresh-out-of-oven Marketing & Mindset Group Coaching Program. It is answering to the call of countless of women entrepreneurs struggling in rising above the marketing noise and to be seen by the people they were brought on this earth to serve.


My Marketing & Communications background has not held me exempt from the irrational fears of failure, self-sabotage nor self-worth issues. Only a few years ago I found myself in a complete shutdown hiding behind my computer crippled with fear of making a mistake and afraid of making a move worrying what other people might think about me. For us women the most common place for fears to pop up like this in our businesses is marketing. 


So instead of cursing the marketing, avoiding it and letting it hold us back in our business, we are now going to do something completely different. 

In the Marketing & Mindset Program, we embrace marketing


Designing your marketing, setting it up and finding the words to ignite your marketing engine is a process which causes some of those fears to pop up, and trigger you. We will welcome the fears, so we become clear what we want to heal. Then we can gently heal the real hurt behind our these fears which in turn allows you to move forward with your business. 


The big idea behind this coaching program is for you to stop getting stuck when fear overwhelms you and instead to naturally learn to go into the solution without fears further damaging your cellular health and business performance.
Pretty brilliant even if I say so myself. ;) 


Yours, always,


Marketing & Mindset Coach 

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  • Extra Six Month Access To Your Hidden Mind System

    I gift you extra six month access to Your Hidden Mind System, so you have the whole system in your personal use for the whole year. The YHM system itself comes with the abundance of bonuses such as:

    • Live Rapping Session with the Founders Christine, Brian and Gwenda Phillips.
    • Emotional Pain Detox Online Course
    • Sample sessions etc. etc.
  • Orientation - 7 Week Live Online Course

    Orientation program is created for you to get your affairs in order for the intensive six month period of personal and business growth. It is a seven-week live online course that takes place every Wednesday until 19th of December. This program really sets you up for success. It supports you to step into the season of clearing and allows you to make room to the changes that are coming.

  • Layers Of Life - 7 Part Online Workshop

    This online workshop is hosted by none other than the Founder and Creator of The Your Hidden Mind system. This valuable add-on to your program takes you on a journey of self-discovery and it a perfect pair with the seven-week Orientation.

  • Monthly Business Performance Review

    The whole Marketing & Mindset program is built on the premise of actual advancement in your business and mindset.  As part of the review, entrepreneur herself chooses the metrics she wants to use and all the data is reviewed during our private coaching sessions and feed back is given personally.